"A great story! The young, violent, and glamorous anti-establishment militants of the 1960s. Terrifically smart!"
--Elvis Mitchell, NY TIMES
"THREE AND A HALF STARS...chronicles those early days of idealism, and their transition into a period when American society seemed for an instant on the point of revolution."
"(THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND) does something that's almost impossible to do in works of history -- it conveys a sense of what the past actually felt like." --Andrew O'Hehir, SALON.COM
"Often gripping, (with) a pleasingly rough-hewn quality. Engrossing!" --J. Hoberman, THE VILLAGE VOICE
"Masterful! Green and Siegel have crafted a breathtaking portrait of one chapter of the ‘60s story that hasn’t been done to death." --Tim Merrill, FILM THREAT
"Fascinating! A potent time capsule of a movie." --Will Blythe, MSNBC
"An impressively sturdy documentary about a difficult-to-master slice of American history." --Ray Pride, INDIEWIRE
"Last month, a few days after parole board officials said they intended to release (Kathy) Boudin, I travelled to a dingy neighbourhood bar on New York's Upper West Side to speak with her 23-year-old son Chesa and Brian Flanagan, a former Weatherman and key member of the group's 'above-ground' support staff at the time of the townhouse bombing." -- Mark Honigsbaum, THE GUARDIAN OBSERVER
"Remarkable! Tells the whole story (of the Weathermen), or as much of it as can safely be related." --John Patterson , THE GUARDIAN
"A unique treasure!" --Anna Lappé, GUERRILLA NEWS NETWORK
"...a fascinating window into American political history... one of the most thought-provoking documentaries of recent times." --Desson Howe, WASHINGTON POST
Interview with filmmaker Sam Green and former Weatherman Mark Rudd
"Hippie terrorists reincarnated"
--Peter Howell, THE TORONTO STAR
Article from THE NATION about contemporary young activists and their reaction to the WU, by Jeremy Varon, author of BRINGING THE WAR HOME
(see LINKS page for more info on Varon's book)
"...a terrific movie, energetic and articulate. It's the don't-miss documentary of the season."